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Cleaning robot from the TEXOL Group is awarded in the Best Innovative Product category at the Oil&Gas Exhibition

The TEXOL Group is marked in the Best Innovative Product category at the annual Oil&Gas Exhibition in Atyrau for its invention – a robotic tank cleaning and automated oil sludge processing. This innovative equipment is manufactured at TEXOL’s own facilities and is currently being relocated to Atyrau.
The latest technologies enable the company to successfully introduce various services to maintain oil tanks, both horizontal and vertical ones, starting from chemical cleaning and mechanical washing that don’t require a specialist to get inside the tanks and to anticorrosion coating.

The cleaning robots can successfully replace humans in such an unsafe work, minimising the risk to workers’ health and the environment.

In contrast to manual cleaning, the technology and equipment developed by the TEXOL Group allow working quickly, efficiently and quite safely.

The robotic equipment has all the necessary certificates, including ATEX confirming its safety in the Class 0 explosion hazardous zone.

TEXOL is one of the largest Kazakhstani companies that has been providing various services in the oil and gas market both in Kazakhstan and other CIS countries for over 25 years.

In addition to the oilfield service division, the TEXOL Group runs the country’s largest rail car repair depot in Atyrau, a specialized facility RIP-Gas in Kulsary (Zhyly District, Atyrau Region), the largest rail car yard in Western Kazakhstan at Dossor Station (Makat District, Atyrau Region), and the railway transport company that is a major owner and operator of rolling stock.

Construction of a LPG logistics cluster at Makhambet Station (Atyrau) that offers one-time storage of up to 3,000 tonnes of LPG currently comes to an end. There is an industrial cluster being formed that includes the Atyrau Wagon Factory with a planned capacity of 6,000 cars per year, a car and wheel workshop, production facilities for oilfield machinery and equipment.

The Company is the second largest LPG transporter in the CIS.

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