Chemical purification of process systems, vessels and pipelines
Maintenance and repair of rolling stock at own production facilities, including a Wagon Depot, Maintenance facility / station, PTS
Transportation of LPG and petroleum products in special wagons
Cargo transportation in own box cars
Wagons are parking stored on own modern rail way tracks
Extensive experience and competence in automating the business of cargo transportation, wagon repair processes and other businesses
Cleaning of tanks and oilfield equipment
Cleaning of oil storage tanks and oilfield equipment using modern technologies allowing cleaning process implementation without people entering the storage tank.

  • Automated and robotic tank cleaning
  • Phase separation of extracted bottom sediments
  • Up to 90% of petroleum product recovery
  • Reduction of oil waste
Wagon Repair
Maintenance and repair of wagons at its own production facilities, including Wagon repair depot, Current uncoupling repair and maintenance and Repair-testing point.

  • Scheduled and current repair of all types of freight wagons and wheel sets
  • Regular supply of spare parts, including wheel sets
  • Preparation of LPG tanks for scheduled repairs, hydraulic testing and internal inspection (GIVO) for transportation LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).
Transportation of liquefied gases
Transportation of LPG and petroleum products:
  • Integrated 3PL contract logistics for LPG transportation
  • Full spectrum of operational management and wagon operation
  • Comprehensive transportation services with the ability to work with service contracts
  • Full range of specialized maintenance of LPG tanks
  • Preparation of gas tanks for loading, scheduled preventive repairs of locking and safety valves of tanks.
  • Provision of rolling stock for lease

The fleet of own wagons includes:
  • Innovative LPG tanks of articulated design with a volume of 163.1 m³
  • Classic LPG tanks with a capacity of 75.7 m³ and 83.8 m³
  • Innovative articulated tankers for the transportation of petroleum products with a load capacity of up to 108 tons.
  • Classic tanks for transportation of oil products with load capacity up to 66 tons: 62 and 66 calibers
Box car transportation
Cargo transportation in own box cars and gondola cars:
  • Transportation in own wagons, including international destinations for more than 10 years.
  • Convenient contractual relations with a Russian or Kazakhstan operating legal entity

The fleet of own wagons includes:
  • Box wagons types 11-280, 11-1807-01, 11-9962-01 with the volume of 138 m³ and 158 m³
  • Gondola cars of 12-9745, 12-132 and 12-9790 types.
Wagon parking storage
Wagons are stored on own modern rail tracks at Makhambet and Dossor stations

  • Prompt delivery / removal through the use of own shunting traction
  • Track capacity up to 1800 units with accelerated inclusion in trains groups as needed
  • Possibility to prepare tanks and wagons of various types for transportation after the end of the standstill period.
Digitalization of transport and logistics processes, wagon lifecycle management
Integrated projects of end-to-end accounting of business processes for wagon's owner, consignor, wagon repair depot, including:

  • Implementation of wagon parts identification and accounting systems using RFID technology
  • Digitalization of wagon inspection and maintenance processes using mobile data collection terminals
  • Introduction of cross-border legally significant electronic document flow
  • The use of systems for predictive analysis and optimization of wagon fleet allocation in the freight transportation business
One of the Texol Group's key priorities is to ensure the safety of all processes and procedures. The company focuses on the arrangement of safe transportation and maintains a coordinated safety and health policy with its partners.

Texol Group has developed and operates a Mobile Emergency Response Module (MERM) in the field for tanks maintenance. The company has formed the ideology and implements the Safety System Transportation Program (SSTP) Texol in all business entities.
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