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Presentation of the new Wagon Factory in Atyrau

On March 13, 2024, Shota Abkhazava, Head of Texol Group of Companies, presented the Atyrau Wagon Factory (AWF) to Serik Shapkenov, Akim of Atyrau region.
The guests were impressed by the scale of the production. By 2027, the factory plans to produce about 6,000 wagons per year and create more than 2,700 workplaces.

The production area of the factory is currently 17 300 square meters with expansion to 66,700 square meters, here will be produced oil and gasoline and gas tanks, 40 and 80 foot fitting platforms, hatch gondolas and covered wagons, as well as a significant number of components for the production of wagons.

Therefore, in Atyrau, Texol launches a full-fledged wagon construction cluster and builds up wagon repair infrastructure.

Today, the company’s maintenance and wagon construction divisions in Atyrau region already employ more than a hundred people and by the end of the year the number of employees will be more than 300, and by 2027 it will be about 2700 people.

On the basis of our wagon repair depot we plan to launch a training base for working specialties with the involvement, first of all, of the local population.

The amount of investments in the development of the wagon-building cluster in Atyrau at the first stage will reach more than 300 million dollars.

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