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A new wagon factory is unveiled in Atyrau

Akim of the region was acquainted with the only freight car manufacturing enterprise in Atyrau. The head of the region, Serik Shapkenov visited TEXOL, an enterprise manufacturing rail cars in the region, and familiarized himself with its ongoing work.
The company plans to manufacture 6,000 freight cars per year until 2027.

Production of rail cars and tank cars for oil and gas transportation will be commissioned here in Atyrau with a car building cluster that includes the entire repair and maintenance infrastructure to be developed. Oil and gas tanks, 40-foot and 80-foot container flatcars, gondola cars and closed tank cars will be manufactured here together with a significant number of accessories required for car production. In the future, the factory products will be exported from the domestic market to other countries.

The production area is currently makes up 17,000 m2. In the future, this area will be expanded up to 62,000 m2.

More than one hundred specialists are currently employed by the production facility. This number will rise up to 300 permanent specialists by the end of the year, and up to 2,700 specialists – by 2027. Most of the specialists are locals.

The company has signed a memorandum with technical colleges in Atyrau. Under the memorandum, the parties develop and negotiate a project to train professionals required by the enterprise as part of the dual training system.

The first stage investments in the development of the Atyrau automotive cluster exceed USD $170 million.

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